PIGMENTATION OF SKIN is a struggle for many, especially for those with dark complexion. Laser toning is a treatment that helps improve quality of dermal layer( deeper layer of skin ) from with in by using gentle heating action to improve your skin tone & stimulate collagen stores. . Laser toning has been shown to be the most effective solution for melasma, and it’s non-evasive, quick, and long-lasting. And even better, there’s zero recovery time between treatments.
It is less invasive than fractional laser resurfacing or even chemical peel & typically has no (or very less ) downtime after the procedure. if you want to reduce the signs of aeging, or pigmentation or just want that other treatments become more effective for you than toning is aright treatment for you.
The other benefits of laser toning is minimal or no discomfort, no downtime, quickness of results & ability to be effective for all skin types this can be combined with other home treatment like VIT C , E & A infusion. & other any treatment.
So helios 3 is a new technology that perform LASER TONING/LASER FACIALS/PHOTOFACIALS & results are like never before . HELIOS 3 is scientifically advanced Q Switched ND-YAG laser that boasts exceptional photo rejuvenation results in treatment of large pores, skin peeling, tightening and lifting, removing pigmented lesions, collagen regeneration and lastly tattoo removal.
Does it hurt? Nope—you might experience a sensation of heat or tingling sensation from the laser, but definitely not “pain.” It’s not actually damaging your top layer of skin in any way—it doesn’t burn, cut, or remove your top layer of skin, but works through and under it, so it’s not painful.
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