Earlobes are ones among the easily notable parts of our body. Deformities in earlobes are a matter of concern. Many may be having a split earlobe or too large lobe. Besides these torn or stretched earlobe is very common among women. This deformity arises due to wearing heavy earrings.

One needs to go through different treatments based on the type of problem. It is recommended to consult our experienced dermatologist Dr Puneet Goyal to be sure with the problem first. Then, it can be treated accordingly.

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Treatment & Procedure

Because of the technology enhancements, Sutureless treatments are the most preferred ones. The repair process becomes easy because of this techniques. Also, if you are afraid of cuts, bleeding, and the resulting pain, Sutureless repair technique is the best choice to opt. Sutureless repair is successful in repairing a good number of deformities. You won’t have to spend much of your time for the treatment. It is safe as well.

Reasons and Signs Associated

Some people have the deformity since birth while some get it from accidental mishaps or so. Reasons may vary from individual to individual. The signs that represent the deformity can be cuts, holes, abnormal size, irregular shape. It can be cumbersome to hide them with clothes or hair. Therefore, people opt for a surgical or laser treatment.

Where to get the treatment?

You may check for the best services regarding the treatment. It is advised to be assured of the treatment provider and has the relevant information with you. The check will help you in knowing the variety of service providers along with their specialities.

At Dr.Puneet Goyal's clinic i.e Renova Skin clinic, you won’t have to worry about the kind of treatment and the cost. A variety of latest and assured treatments are provided that produce the best outcomes possible. Satisfied patients are the best examples of that. So, get your treatment done now.

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