vitiligo is a disease found very commonly in india. affect almost 2-3% of population. lots & lots of daily earning is spend on treatment by the patients. i think this is the reason lot many quacks claim to treat vitiligo with guarantee, now in this modern era these modern era these quacks maintain ac chambers, have very attractive websites, they give ads in newspapers, thet bring celebrities to make you believe that they can treat the disease. poor people sometimes believe them & than ……

not a single breath of of patient is lessened by vitiligo, than why such a misery?

today one lady aged 55 yrs came to my clinic , she wanted treatment for her 30 yrs old vitiligo problem. she had not taken any treatment before. i asked why now?

she said my husband accepted my problem & so i did not take any treatment. but now my daughters are marriagable age & i am finding great difficulty in finding partners for them. they are well educated , working , smart, they dont havevitiligo.. but they are been rejected bcause their mother has vitiligo. so i want treatment now.

how curse is this to have vitiligo? only social stigma..

please look before the qualification of physian, reputation of clinic. dont go for advertisements . vitiligo can be cured but in proper hands qualified hands , with the help of modern technology

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