The Fastest Way to Lose Weight
You may have a sluggish metabolism and need to get healthier to receive fat-burning signals.

There are three things you can do to burn fats and simplify weight loss:

1. Keep Insulin Level Zero – If your metabolism is somewhat okay, you need zero amount of insulin in your body. Insulin is a hormone activated by sugar. If your metabolic rate is low, even a minimum amount of insulin in your body will keep you from burning fat.

You need to get rid of juice, alcohol, crackers, bread, pancakes, sodas, and fruits. These food items have hidden carbohydrates and must be removed.

2. Keep Cortisol Level Zero – Cortisol is a stress hormone and must be kept zero. To get rid of it, go on long walks for at least an hour a day. Long walks are effective in maintaining zero cortisol level.

Remember: The best solution for belly fat is a long walk.

You must also get an extra hour of sleep and take more naps on the weekends because sleep lowers cortisol.

Tip: Have some celery with hummus before bed. A little celery before bedtime is great because it lowers stress levels and blood pressure.

3. Avoid Food That Makes You Bloat – Stop eating food that makes you bloat when trying to lose weight because bloating is a stressor.

Make sure to not eat any food, including vegetables, that makes you gassy. This means avoiding beans and other vegetables that induce bloating.

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