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The best laser acne scar treatment in jaipur can be availed at the RenovaSkin & Laser Clinic. Dr. Puneet Goyal at the clinic recommends Fraxel Laser and the Fractional Laser Co2, both are the possible available treatments at Renova Skin Clinic. Out of these, Fractional Co2 has appreciable results.

This technology of Laser acne scar treatment stimulates the skin’s collagen and smoothen the scars. Once the collagen is stimulates, the skin heals in some time to fill the pitted scars. The Fractional Co2 is said to take about 5 days for the proper healing of the skin after the treatment. But the results are considerable and can be observed just after one seating.

Renova Clinic is a well equipped treatment center where the patients can be assured of the best counseling and latest technology in treating their scars. And so you have a chance to get rid of those pits and scars on your face.

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Question & Answer

A pustule, papule, or cyst bloated with excess oil, bacteria, or dead skin cells cause inflamed blemishes. The inflamed pore breaks the follicle wall which result in acne scars .

Shallow lesions usually heal fast. But, deep breaks in the wall of the pore may take time to heal and create deeper lesions.

The most common and well-known reason comes out to be deep tissue break down causing lesions. The skin forms new collagen fibers to heal it which is rather bumpy.
Pricking the pimple may result in scars.

When you have some patch on your face, neck or any part of the body, it is easily noticeable. The acne or a pimple can be removed but it leaves behind its signs in the form of acne scars. These signs are usually visible at the time of clearance of acne. Painful or swollen acne such as cysts and nodules increase the risk of acne scars. When acne lesions inflame or filled with pus, the skin becomes vulnerable to scarring. As soon as you encounter these signs, you should consult a dermatologist.

Preventions are a better choice for everything. There are four types of preventions as follows:
• Avoid squeezing and picking
• Ensure targeted treatments.
• Choose the right product for you
Go for options like sunscreens and related ones
You can also prevent them by using certain home remedies, but it is strongly recommended to consult the doctor as you are does not know your skin technically.
Use Doctor recommended ointments, soap or other products to wash your face and neck twice a day to reduce the effect of oil. Also, see that you don’t use a harsh towel to rub your skin as it may lead to some more damage.

Sometimes the ablative laser resurfacing through fractional Co2 can cause scarring, acne, skin coloration, redness, itching and swelling. But these can be solved with after care precaution as recommended by the doctor.
When individuals are prone or have sensitive skin for infection, scars, acne, itching or swelling then laser resurfacing is not used for them. People having dark skin or weak immune system are also not treated with Fractional Co2.

The patients after taking the laser treatment for scars should:
• Avoid staying in Sun for long.
• Take pain reliever, if suggested by the doctor.
• Take care of the skin as explained by the doctor.
• Avoid using cosmetics on the treated area especially for 2 weeks or so.
• Apply ointments if you get itchy skin or redness.

The advantages of using Co2 Laser for Acne Marks at the Renova Clinic include:
• Enhanced skin tone and reduced signs of aging.
• Highly effective and gentle method for skin rejuvenation.
• Faster recovery, reduced pain and discomfort.
• Stimulates Collagen for much former skin.
• Lessens Sun damage, fine lines and acne scars.
• Helpful in treating pre-cancerous lesions.

Yes the results are permanent but again the usage will completely depend on the doctor’s advice.

As such individuals who are below age 15 or 16 are not treated with any Laser Treatment.

The potential side effects of Fractional Laser Co2 Acne Scar Removal include:
• Redness of skin, itching and swelling.
• Slight Scarring.
• Bacterial, Fungal and viral skin infection
• Acne on the treated area.
• Ectropion that is turning of the eyelid. If this happens, only surgery can help to fix it.

For Fractional Laser Co2 Acne Scar Removal the following candidates are good:
• No issues of active acne.
• Who have stronger immune system.

Before you take the Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment it is good:
• To avoid Sun exposure which otherwise can cause irregular pigmentation.
• To take the prescribed medicines like the ones given to avoid infections on skin, around mouth or in other areas. These are oral antibiotics or topical retinoids.

After the Laser resurfacing you should:
• Should avoid Sun.
• Take pain relievers.
• Do not use hot water to clean the area until doctor allows.
• Avoid cosmetics.
• Use cold pack to treat the swelling or redness.

If the treatment is carried on just a part of your face, then it would take 30-40 minutes. For the complete face it would take about 2 hours to treat the acne scars.

The number of follow up sessions after the fractional Co2 Laser acne scar removal depends on the type and quality of the skin. The setting of the Laser also affects the rejuvenation of the skin.
But sometimes after 3-4 sessions, the improvement is observed in patients who suffer with atrophic facial acne scar. The overall effect of the treatment also depends on the goals of the treatment, the way the treatment is carried and the experience of the doctor.

Yes the fractional Co2 Laser acne scar removal treatment is used both in men and women. It would largely differ on the skin quality and thickness.


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