Bulging tummy and love handles concerns women and men as much as the thick thigh worries models. A lot of body contouring procedures is available in the market. Cool tech is a recent addition to the body sculpting methods.

Cooltech melt away the unwanted body fat deposited by the use of a guarded freezing system.

Belly fat, love handles, and fatty thigh is common. Besides this, fat is mostly deposited on the chest and back in men. Women tend to have fatty upper arms, bra roll area, and waist. It can also treat double chin. The process improve aesthetics.

It is motivating to see bulging fat disappear.

Note: Dr Puneet Goyal, MD again the new technology - the Cooltech 1st time in Jaipur( Rajasthan) at Renova Skin Clinic.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

Sometimes a person with a sculpted body still has fat deposits in certain parts. With the introduction of Cooltech Cryolipolysis, these people can remove excess fat from the small area. Thus the treatment’s localized behavior make it preferred choice.

It is safe and non-invasive. Because of this, the patient can easily drive home or party alone after a Cooltech session.

Treatment & Procedure

It was introduced by Australia in 2016. Cooltech Cryolipolysis treatment is based on the principle of susceptibility of adipose tissues against temperature. The technology emerged as the competitor to coolsculpting.

The patient may need multiple sessions to get rid of fat. Rigid fat may require more than three sessions while most of the times 3 sittings are enough. These sittings are repeated in a break of 6-8 weeks.

Each treatment session may stretch up to 70 minutes.

Many times Cooltech has deemed an alternative to liposuction. The difference lies in the target area. Liposuction targets a larger area and is a surgical procedure. Cryolipolysis is more focused and marks a small area.


The Cooltech device is a home vacuum cleaner type device. The inner chamber is installed with two cooling panels. The affected area is encapsulated in vacuum applicator panels. The Cooltech device blasts the cool air on the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin. Fat cells are more vulnerable and are easily smashed by cooling than skin cells. The temperature in the vacuum applicator is extremely low, up to -8Cº and is adjustable.

This controlled freezing results in cell death (apoptosis). The frozen adipocytes (fat cells) are subsequently flushed out from the body by the lymphatic system.

It should be performed by an expert skin-specialist.

  • The fat reduction is permanent
  • Cooltech is cost-effective
  • It enables targeting two areas simultaneously
  • You can continue normal chores soon after a cooltech session. No recovery time is needed.
Side effects

Cryolipolysis possesses no or minimal risks like scarring and infection. Yet the process is pain-free, some might feel a mild haul. The patient may experience numbness in the treated area. It may take almost a month to disappear. Other side effects may include diarrhea, sense of fullness, reddening, and itchiness.

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a serious side effect which is rare.

Choose an experienced dermatologist like Dr Puneet Goyal to remain safe from any complication.

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