Botox Injection Treatment in Jaipur at Affordable cost for Wrinkles

Botox or botulinumtoxin A is used for cosmetic improvement and reduction ofwrinkles, fine lines and frown lines in older adults. With our extensive 18+ years of experience, you can win over the antiaging battle with our Medical Injectable Expert Dr Puneet Goyal.

The botox basically paralyzes the muscles activity temporarily. When the activity is reduced, it gives a smooth look on the skin surface. Hence, it is widely used to treat the facial wrinkles.

To know it further the botox injections block the chemical signals from the nerve that causes the muscle to contract. During the procedure the thin needles are used to inject tiny amount of Botulinum toxin into the skin that creates a youthful look without having to undergo any surgery. However, the number of the injections will depend on the area to be treated. The results of the treatment can be observed in just a few days. The patient will have to take the repeated or follow up injections for the persistent results. For wrinkles, the patients need a very mild dose for the safety.

  • No of Sessions Required
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