Chemical Peel: Glycolic Acid Chemical Peeling Treatment in Jaipur for Face

Your face is amazing and if you want to keep an amazing complexion

Chemical Peeling is an age-old cosmetic method to treat wrinkles,skin discoloration and scars — typically on the face. The outer layers of the dead skin get exfoliatedwith an acid solution. Gradually, the new skin replaces the older one with improved tone, texture, and color. Peels are part of a non-invasive procedure that promotes cell growth resulting in a clean,smoother and younger look. The solutions used for the chemical peels may include glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acetic acid or salicylic acid etc.

Dr Puneet Goyal can suggest the chemical peel treatment alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Depending on your skin condition and goals different depths — light, medium or deepchemical peel can be chosen. Since the peels are tried and tested treatmentand if it is in the right hands like dermatologist Dr. Puneet Goyal, it is not going to be harmful to your skin at all.

So if you have a wedding or special occasion coming up Chemical Peeling is an excellent way to start. We have been working with countless clients in Jaipur since we began and in that time we have made many loyal customers very happy. Book an appointment now.

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