Cosmetic mole treatment in Jaipur | Cosmetic mole removal surgery

Moles are the appearance of an unsightly collection of pigments that reside on the top layer of the skin. The moles can be placed on your face or on other body parts that can hinder with your appearance. Hence, they need to be removed.

Renova Skin & Laser Clinic team offers a variety of options like a laser, surgical, and ablation methods for mole removal. One of which is a cosmetic way where the individuals get experienced skin specialist who can remove the black, brown or skin-colored moles just in some time. Cosmetic Mole removal is a procedure that uses Radio Frequency to remove the mole without any scars. Local anesthesia is given to the area of treatment which makes the process painless. The intense bursts of light radiations will break down the mole cells in the skin. Ultimately, the mole gets removed without any stitches and the procedure takes very less time.

Book an appointment nowfor proper assessment of the nature and depth of the mole, and the best treatment options to minimize potential scarring.

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