Hairs are a significant part of our body. But, what if these hairs become a problem? There are many situations where the hairs on your body may disappoint you. In such situations, hair removal can be the best strategy adopted. You don't need to worry about the ways to get your hair removed as there are plenty of them. Yes, you can choose any of them according to your convenience. Find a brief description of the latest laser hair removalstrategy for permanent hair removal below.

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Treatment & Procedure

Permanent hair removal by eLase Diode laser

Get your hairs permanently removed with help of DrPuneetGoyal in the most sophisticated way through this technique at Renova Skin Clinic. The laser is the most preferred technology for permanent hair removal. It is considered to be better than IPL.

The diode laser hair removal ensures deliverance of high energy into the skin. This is absorbed by melanin. Use of single wavelength of light is there to increase the abruption rate for melanin. The melanin heats up in this way and destroys the root along with the blood flow to the follicle. This disables the hair growth permanently.

High-quality machines with enhanced techniques are preferred to protect the skin surface. This makes the treatment comfortable and a pain-free experience.

Advantages and Results

The widely used technology for hair removal is eLase laser hair removal. The benefits of the eLase technique are that it is-

  • Fast
  • Highly effective
  • Safe for all types of skin
  • Ensures a pain-free hair removal
  • Have deeper dermal penetration

Apart from that, it is the fastest diode laser platform that makes use of 810 nm diode laser plus bi-polar RF to improve the safety factor.

Top reasons to seek hair removal

You may find a variety of aesthetic reasons from those seeking hair removal techniques. The reasons can be religious, medical, military, sports, or a punishment too. The reasons that you might opt for a permanent hair removal through laser technology can be as follows:

  • Convenience offered
  • End of struggle with unwanted and excessive hair growth
  • Time-saving features
  • Attractive looks on the go
  • No stress of getting excessive hair as a symptom of menopausen
Other ways to get rid of excessive hair

Hair removal ways are divided mainly into three parts as follows:

  • Depilation methods
  • Epilation methods
  • Permanent methods

The basic and easy ways of shaving, trimming etc. fall into the category of depilation or temporary methods. Epilation methods are also temporary ones but hold for a good amount of time. Epilation considers removing the hairs by root and the ways like waxing, threading fall into this category.

Want a permanent solution to your excessive hair problem? Go for a permanent hair removal. The methods involved are Laser Hair Removal, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Diode Epilation.

The technology is successful in generating effective results. You can start seeing the results in two-three weeks of treatment. The best thing is you won’t have to spend your time in eliminating hair from your body every day. This is the best way to be ready for everything at all times. The safety involved in the procedure is the key factor behind its wide use in the industry. Still thinking? Just go and get your things done.

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