Electrocautery RF in Jaipur | RF Cautery Wart, Mole & Skin

Are you worried about a raised dark spot, skin tags, itchy mole, warts or irregularity in the skin? Many customers wish for the easy & painless way to remove them. The Renova Skin Clinic offers surgical and non-surgical approaches through radiofrequency therapy, electrocautery or laser technology to remove them. Electrocautery/Radio Frequency is one of the specialized forms of treatment that can remove mole in a single office visit. Occasionally, a second appointment is necessary.

Under the Radio Frequency procedure, The RF waves through the tissues resist the passage of the waves thereby getting heated up. While Electrocautery procedure uses the light electrical current to be applied to the treated area with the help of a handheld electronic device. Both procedures works on heating the targeted tissue, kill or cutting it away leave no scars behind.

Our electrocautery RF services are a safe, quick and easy way to clear up minor dermatological blemishes such as moles, warts, and skin tags. Call us today at +91-9414027285 to schedule an appointment or learn more about mole removal with electrocautery RF methods.

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