Hair Transplantation is the process of transferring cells, tissues or organs from one part to another part of the body. It aims at restoring functions in the body. This technology is widely adopted in hair treatments as well. Thinning hair and balding is a common sight. Hair transplantation procedure is a solution to these problems. The method involves removal of hair follicles from the donor site to a hairless recipient site.

Treatment & Procedure

The latest and widely used method is the FUE method which is a European patented technique. FUE technique is an advancement of the earlier FUT technique. Both the approaches sorted the same purpose. The terms FUE and FUT stand for Follicular unit extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation.

FUE technique for hair transplantTreatment

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) aids in the cosmetic reconstruction of eyebrows and beard. This technique uses automated punches to extract the whole group of follicular units.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

The FUE technique is more preferred than the older one because of the following reasons:

  • No use of a knife or blade makes it an ideal solution for those afraid from scars and cuts.
  • This technique has a minimal downtime.
  • A day care surgery that doesn’t requires admission.
  • It is easy to go, safe and comfortable. Patients can talk as well as being normal while having the transplant.

Hair Transplant Treatment procedure and cost in Jaipur at Renova Skin Clinic by Dr Puneet Goyal

The complete procedure takes about 4 to 6 hours on an average. The procedure involves the extraction of hair follicles from the site like the back of the scalp. Individual follicles are plucked by a refined extracting technique. These follicles are then implanted to the bald area one by one.

  • A follicular unit is the group of hairs. There is 3-5 hair in every group.
  • Beard area, chest, and back are also good for extracting the follicles.

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Answer: There is no issue with an average hair fall daily. But, the destruction of new hair follicles is a problem. When scalp bears sores and starts replacing the follicles there can be a problem. Retardation of a cycle of development or shedding of hair is yet another reason for hair loss. So, you need to take a proper care of hair.

Answer: The best way is to not waste time and consult a Hair dermatologist as soon as possible. Make the guidelines issued by the dermatologist an integral part of the routine. If you are facing a lot of problems because of balding of hair then you must go for a hair transplant.


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