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As the name suggests, the dermal fillers are used to smooth out the wrinkles by filling. These fillers can give patients a much youthful and younger looking skin. It is an easy method to use the dermal fillers to treat the wrinkles. Generally, it takes less than 30 minutes to treat the patients with wrinkles.

The treatment for wrinkles using dermal fillers is easy and fast. Dermal fillers are rich in ingredients that add fullness to the areas that are affected due to aging. Some of the substances used as dermal fillers include Calcium Hydroxylapatite (mineral compound that is found in bones), Hyaluronic acid (that adds fullness to the skin), polylactic acid (enhances collagen production), and Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA- a semi-permanent filler).

Dermal Fillers can help patients with static wrinkles around the mouth and along the cheeks. Patients with shadow or wrinkle under the eyes can also be benefitted with this cosmetic treatment.

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Question & Answer

Dermal Fillers are soft tissue fillers which are injected under the skin surface to add volume to the skin surface. Some substances used as derma fillers include Calcium Hydroxylapatite, polylactic acid, Hyaluronic acid and others.
These helps to smoothen the wrinkled area of the face like cheeks, lower face, areas near the eyes, and around the mouth. It is a non-surgical method to set the wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers, natural gels, are injected under the skin surface on the areas that have lost volume or smoothness. It may have resulted in wrinkles for some. These dermal fillers add volume to the weakened facial areas that have lost elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Gradually, the inject able gels restore the collagen loss leading to the firm and tight skin.
The dermal fillers also motivate the skin to produce collagen naturally and hence, the signs of aging stops.

The dermal fillers can be used face like cheeks, lower face, areas near the eyes, and around the mouth.

No, the dermal fillers do not hurt. It is just a needle prink pain.

The possible side effects of the dermal fillers include bruising and swelling. Some patients may also face:
• Skin rash
• Overcorrection of wrinkles.
• Infection or scarring.
• Ability to feel the filler substance under the skin.
These are minimal and will subside after some time.

The recovery time is quick and the patients can resume work immediately. It is just that the extra strenuous exercise may be avoided for 48 hours.

Dermal Filler can last for 6 months or 2 years in some cases. Follow up session will be needed depending on the defect to be corrected, longevity desired and material used for collagen.

Dermal Filler Treatments can cause redness and itching. Though, it is temporary but topical icing and massage will improve the matter within a few hours. The soft tissues will augment gradually after using the dermal filler.

In many cases, the results of dermal fillers treatment for wrinkles will last for 6 months up till 2 years.

The dermal fillers for wrinkle treatment are best for the age band 40 to 54.

Following people are good for dermal fillers:
• The candidates who have wrinkles and are non smokers are good candidates.
• The patients who has several folds, lines and wrinkles and do not wish to choose surgery as the option.
• Patients with extreme history of allergies are not good candidates for dermal fillers.

The treatment will take 20-40 minutes for the treatment.

Am I required to have a consultation and undergo a patch test?

Pre care instructions for dermal filler wrinkle treatment:
• A week before the treatment, you can stop taking aspririn,ibuprofen, ginseng, flax oil, cod liver oil, fish oil, vitamin A, vitamin E and other essential fatty acids.
• The patients should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohol about a week before.
• Eat spinach and other leafy green vegetable to boost vitamin K in the diet. It will help you to reduce swelling.
• Avoid eating apples and ginger.
• Apply topical numbing cream.
For the Post dermal filler wrinkle treatment instructions, the patient should:
• Do not go for any facial massage just after the botox wrinkle treatment.
• Do not go for any facial laser treatment for about 2 weeks after the treatment.
• Use lotions or ointments as prescribed.

Yes the treatment is for both men and women.

No, the dermal fillers can only cause some redness, swelling, itching or scarring. But these are temporary. So there are no allergic reactions normally.

Avoid touching the face till 6 hours after having the dermal fillers treatment for wrinkles.


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