Skin HyperPigmentation Treatment in Jaipur | Laser Pigmentation Treatment

For over 18+ years, Dr Puneet Goyal is experienced in the reduction of all type of pigmentation from freckle removal, sun spots to age spots on facial and body areas delivering fantastic results. The Renova Skin & Laser clinic offers a wide range of hyperpigmentation treatments that include Laser, Chemical Peel, Dermapen, Q Nd Yag Laser, Mesotherapy, Dermaroller and Microdermabrasion.

The shallow lesion on the skin surface can heal with time but the deeper one’s need a procedure for correction. The Renova Skin Clinic helps you to get your healthy skin again with improved appearance and enhanced self-esteem with IPL Lasers. The Laser treatment not only removes the existing pigmentation but also stops the chances of new formation leaving the skin even-toned, smoother & younger looking. Our Doctor also recommends laser treatment combined with topical cosmeceutical products to achieve the best results.

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