Laser Photo Facial Treatment in Jaipur | IPL Laser Toning Treatment

Get the improved skin texture and appearance with the help of USFDA approved Laser toning technology available at Renova Skin Clinic, Jaipur. Here the laser toning treatment uses the non - ablative lasers which work by heating the tissues but do not damage it. The laser energy penetrates the specific layers of the skin and breaks the pigments. This is controlled thermal energy that stimulates the body to produce elastin and collagen naturally.

Patients came to our clinic are helped to treat freckles, dull face, redness, age spots, scars, pigmentation and other skin conditions with the help of laser technology. After having multiple sessions they found that skin gets rejuvenated smoothed & starts glowing with little to no downtime.

All laser facial toning treatments are performed personally by Dr Puneet Goyal at Renova Skin & Laser Clinic, not a nurse or medical esthetician. Getting effective results from laser toning requires the skills of a dermatologist with Dr Puneet’s training and 18+ years of experience.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required


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