Laser tattoo removal in Jaipur | Nd Yag & Q-switch tattoo removal Clinic

Renova Skin & Laser Clinic has been performing laser tattoo removals in Jaipur for past 18+ years, making us the most experienced laser tattoo removal clinic in Jaipur. Whether you are looking for complete tattoo removal or making a room for a new one, It is possible to remove tattoo of any size, design, and color with FDA approved lasers like Q-switch, ND YAG laser, and HELIOS 3.

These lasers safely penetrate the skin, targets and breakdown each ink color pigments into smaller particles by specific wavelength. This causes the body to naturally filter the smaller particles by removing them completely causing tattoos to gradually fade in multiple treatment sessions.

Call us or schedule an appointment today to discuss & treat with the best combination of treatments and technologies and say goodbye your unwanted ink!

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