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Hair Loss problems are very common these days. For almost all kinds of problems consult Low level laser hair therapy doctorat Renova Hair Clinic. Consult well in time before it gets too late for the hair fall to get controlled. Our Dr. Puneet Goyal is proficient enough to provide the Low Level Laser Hair Therapy in Jaipur.

The LLLT idea is to benefit the individuals and treat them for hair loss issues. The Low Level Laser Hair Therapy deals in using clinical strength laser technology when the patient suffers with hair loss. It is a non-surgical and painless light technology to stimulate hair follicles that induces hair growth.

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Question & Answer

The hair specialist uses FDA cleared clinical strength laser technology to treat hair loss due to alopecia. The procedure irradiates photons into scalp tissues. The cold red part of the light range is used for the treatment. These photons are absorbed by the weaker cells which then boost hair growth.

The procedure is safe and non-surgical. It is said to boost the hair re-growth in people who suffer with hair loss.

Absoloutely Safe

Twice in a week for 6 months

The Low Level Laser Therapy Treatments costs vary as per hair loss pattern & conditions, so you must book an appointment for overall expense.

As the treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive so the treatment is not painful at all.

The results from the LLLT treatment can be expected after 2 to 4 months. The results are not instantaneous. You can expect hair restoration with dense hair consistency, healthy texture, and strong glowing hairs.

All patients with any type of hairloss.

Before the treatment you should clean the area properly and remove any kinds of oil. Avoid coloring your hair.

You should do the following after laser therapy:
• Avoid going in the Sun.
• Change few lifestyle habits like quit smoking for about 2 weeks.
• Avoid using chemical rich shampoos for hair.
• Take medicines, if any, prescribed by the doctor.

yes you can wash after 1 hour.

The situation and reason of hair fall may vary in both men and women but yes the treatment is used in both.

The LLLT treatment increases cellular metabolism, blood circulation and improves oxygen supply to the scalp. It leads to decrease in the progressive hair loss. You may refer to Dr. Puneet Goyal to know your condition and results.

It depends on the condition of the patient but generally people suffering with androgenic alopecia that causes hair loss choose Low Level Laser Therapy. Your doctor can advise best considering your situation whether it is the best treatment or not.
In LLLT, the laser heat activates heat shock proteins that boost the hair re-growth. It also increases tissue oxygenation by increasing the cellular respiration."

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