Mesoterapia Facial - Mesotherapy Wrinkles Treatment in Jaipur

Skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines and acne spots can be treated with the Mesotherapy. It is a suitable alternative for patients looking for a non-surgical treatment. It involves some superficial microinjections. These are inserted into the layer just below the epidermis on the affected area. The therapy aims at providing the skin with some nutrients such as hyaluronic acids, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The patients feel reduction in the wrinkles as the minerals inserted through mesotherapy promote the production of collagen.

The procedure has gradually gained importance in the country. It is a simple treatment to introduce skin molecules in the skin for them to function well. After the therapy,there will be very little or even no downtime;the patients can observe that their skin has nourished, repaired and rejuvenated better.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required


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