Mesotherapy Hair Treatment in Jaipur | Mesotherapy Cost & Doctor

Dr. Puneet Goyal is one of the renowned dermatologist in Jaipur who provides Mesotherapy hair treatment in Jaipur. He strongly recommends the procedure as it is safe and relates to hair scalp cleaning. In the procedure, the doctor inserts some medicines like peptides, amino acids, etc. that aids in hair growth. This medicine is injected just below the hair scalp.

With the increase in the problems related to hair fall, Dr Puneet suggests Mesotherapy hair treatment. According to him, it improves the circulation under the hair follicles. This in turn gives better nourishment leading to hair growth.

As per the doctor, initially the patient will observe the decrease in the hair fall followed by the hair growth. Dr Puneet Goyal states that as such there are no side effects and Mesotherapy gives equal benefit to both men and women hair fall problems. He also mentions that the technique is latest yet the results will vary in patients.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

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