NBUVB Phototherapy Treatment in Jaipur for White Parches

Vitiligoor white spot is difficult skin disorder to treat. Though there are many ways to treat this disease. But narrow-band UVB is the latest and a safe vitiligo treatment. The best part with the disease is that it gives results without side effects.

The NBUVB helps to reduce the spread of the lesion and boost the re-pigmentation of the skin. Main idea behind the NBUVB is that it stops the increase of Vitiligo. The doctors at Renova Skin Clinic are specialists and treat the patients well. The NBUVB therapy is considered safest in the childhood vitiligo. Though, it produces good color match in the Indian patients.

The capacity of NB-UVB radiation to fundamentally stifle the real parts of cell mediated immune function is thus likely to be linked to its beneficial effect. We have the best equipments and technology that treats the Vitiligo patients successfully.

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Question & Answer

The NBUVB Phototherapy is the safest and the latest treatment option available for patients with generalized Vitiligo. It uses the UVB spectrum to treat the skin conditions like Vitiligo. In general, the NBUVB lamps are used on the area affected with Vitiligo. The only limitation of the procedure is that it is needs prolonged exposure.
The device used for the treatment delivers NBUVB light with a peak around 314nm.

The UVB spectrum of light is dropped on the affected area with Vitiligo. The light is exposed with a gap of every 5-6 seconds in one session. The cells get energized for re-pigmentation and gradually the white patches disappear.
The ultra violet rays reduce the inflammation of the skin and hence solves the skin disorders like Vitiligo. "

The body parts except the genitals and eyes can be exposed to the UVB rays for the treatment.

No the treatment of NBUVB is not painful.

The side effects of NBUVB phototherapy treatment may include redness and discomfort (sunburn), dry and itchy skin, and inflammation of the hair roots. These symptoms are temporary and will subside in some time.

About 30 follow up sessions are required. But if after 11-12 sessions there is no response than the treatment alternative is thought of.

After the NBUVB phototherapy treatment, some patients it may cause redness and itching. Phototherapy can also cause dryness on the skin. About 11-12 sessions later, the patient can observe a positive change in the skin with start of re-pigmentation.
But then the repigmentation starts. If the condition starts to deplete or does not respond till 6 weeks, the treatment is stopped.

The results are long lasting as if the treatment does not respond after 6 weeks it will not be continued further.
The change in the skin color may be discerned after 6 months only.

Yes, the NBUVB Phototherapy treatment is given only to adults.

The candidates who have small white patches not stretched on large body parts are good for NBUVB treatment. Other than this NBUVB works well on patients that have not received any other form of phototherapy.
Patients with photosensitive disorders and those who consume immunosuppressant are not good.

To attain the complete re-pigmentation of the skin would take more than 3 months. A total of about 30 sessions are needed. But if the treatment does not respond till 12th session then an alternative method is chosen.

Yes, for any UVB treatments, the patients are advised to undergo the patch test. It is to sideline any adverse effects on the skin if there be any.

For the pre care, the medicines that make you sensitive to ultraviolet lights should not be taken. Stop being in Sun for long hours and avoid foods like celery, figs, carrots, etc. that make you more sensitive towards ultraviolet light. Do not use perfumed skin products at all. Do not use or apply creams and lotions, unless specified, on the treatment days.
For the post care, apply ointments and pop antibiotics as suggested. If any issue, immediately talk to your skin specialist.

Yes the treatment applies same for both adult men and women.


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