Looking for a simple yet effective treatment to get that radiant glow you wished for? It’s a good time to go for a chemical peeling treatment at Renova Skin Clinic, Jaipur by most experience Dr Puneet Goyal. The treatment is accepted as the best way to improve appearances of skin, face, or neck. The treatment involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin. The chemical causes it to exfoliate and peel off eventually. It is a day-care treatment and you won't have to spare much of your time in it.

The problem may occur on the skin, the retina of the eye, mucous membranes, or hair.

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

Why to opt for a chemical peeling treatment?

One may need to get the treatment because of varying reasons. The most common reasons come out to be a wish to have smoother skin, acne management, reduction of blotchy patches, age spot removal, better skin quality, wrinkle treatment, improved collagen growth etc. The cherry on the cake is you can get all this in a short time.

The Treatment Procedure

As mentioned earlier, a chemical solution is applied to the skin as per the requirements and peeled off after some time. The solution selection will depend on the type of skin. It is the duty of a good dermatologist to let you know the type of solution according to your skin type. He/she might also suggest you have other surgeries prior to going for this one.

Precautions and Results

You might need to take some pre and after treatment precautions. Prior to the treatment, you must describe your scarring, cold sores, or facial x-ray history to help skin specialist in treating you well. After the treatment, it is advised to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. This is because your skin becomes temporarily sensitive to the sun at this time. All those with fair skin and light hairs will be benefitted more from this treatment.

This procedure tends to produce the most effective results. It also has a high rate of client satisfaction. If you also wish to have a skin treatment, go for this treatment and cherish the after-feel.

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