Targeted Phototherapy for vitiligo in Jaipur | Targeted Phototherapy

White patches refer to a skin problem which is not difficult to solve nowadays. Though, there are myths that this disease is contagious and spreads through touch. All this is not true as white patches appear on the skin when the melanocytes do not produce melanin because they die.

To treat such problem, Renova Skin & Laser Clinic has many options available, among which Targeted Phototherapy is one of the safest & most effective therapy to treat vitiligo. It is also known as the concentrated phototherapy that involves the ultraviolet rays focused on a target i.e. the skin lesion. The Targeted Phototherapy device emits radiations in the UVB range. After the light is focused on the target, there starts the stimulation of melanocytes stimulating hormones. The targeted phototherapy also depends on the device that emits the non-ionising radiation that penetrates the area to be treated.

At Renova Skin & Laser Clinic, We have achieved considerable success with our vitiligo patients. Regular treatments are needed, with a frequency of 2-3 times a week to achieve optimum results. Book an appointment to get expert advice & treatment for white spots on the skin.

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