Thread Lift | Thread Face Lift Treatment in Jaipur for Wrinkles

The skin problem like wrinkles is one of the most common skin disorders. It may occur due to aging, poor lifestyle, smoking and consuming alcohol. There are several ways to treat wrinkles one of which is Thread Face Lift.

A well experienced skin specialist at the Renova Skin Clinic uses the method to rectify wrinkles. A cosmetic surgeon inserts thin threads into the skin via small incisions. These incisions are made on the targeted areas of wrinkles. Gradually, these threads attach to the skin tissues and later these are pulled back.

The doctors use tensor notched threads and the procedure is non-surgical. It is a convenient procedure and used for people who experience early signs of aging. The areas that can be treated with Thread Face Lift for wrinkles are jaw lines, cheeks, and neck. At the Renova Skin Clinic, the skin doctors check for the age and sagging of the skin that causes wrinkles. Later, it is decided which therapy will help reduce the wrinkles.

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Question & Answer

Thread Lift is a non invasive and no surgical procedure to reduce the wrinkles on the skin. In other words, it refers to the lifting of skin using threads. These are inserted in the skin surface on the targeted areas through minor incision.
Later these threads attach itself to the skin and are pulled to lift up the skin.

The skin specialist makes tiny incisions in the skin. Then absorbable threads are inserted under the skin. When they attach to the skin, the thread is pulled back. The sagging and loosening of the skin like wrinkles is lifted that gives a smooth finish. These threads are absorbable and promote collagen production.

The face lift can help treat wrinkles around mouth, neck, jaw lines and cheeks.

No, Face Thread Lifts do not hurt.

Some of the possible risks and side effects of Face Thread Lift include:
• Pain and discomfort after the procedure.
• Thread being felt under the skin.
• Infection, bruising and swelling.
• Thread migration and Thread breakage.

The recovery time after the Face Thread Lift may be a week. The bruising and swelling can take time to dilute.

The follow-up period may range from 12 to 31 months. The area to be treated and the recovery time will affect the follow up sessions.

The Thread Lift Treatment is done with local anesthesia. So after the treatment the patient may feel mild sedation. The patients can also feel bruising and swelling. It is normal and will subside in some time.
The recovery time is limited to a few days and the individuals can get back to work.

The results of the Thread Lift Treatment for wrinkles last for 12-18 months in general.

People above 30 but less than 65 years of age are good for Face Thread Lift for wrinkles. It is just that there should not be much fat on the face.

The candidates who have just normal to moderate sagging of skin are good candidates. Also their skin type should not be thick. The candidate should not have excess skin or fat around the face or neck.

A Thread Face Lift session may take 30 minutes.

Yes, it is advisable to undergo a patch test. It helps the skin specialist to establish the correctness of the skin wrinkle treatment.

Pre Care for Face Thread Lift Treatment:
• Avoid using cosmetics on your face.
• Avoid medicines like asprin or ipbrufen and others than interfere with the growth of skin cells.
Post Care for Face Thread Lift Treatment:
• Take pain relievers as prescribed.
• Apply ice packs for relief and do not wear make up for at least 24 hours.
• Avoid strenuous activities or exercise.
• Avoid Sun exposures.
• You can sleep with face upwards.

Yes, the treatment can be for both men and women.

Give at least 7-8 hours gap before you touch your face.

Yes, the threads are dissolvable and may take about 6 months in the same. Even after they dissolve, due to the cellular rejuvenation the enhanced skin texture remains.

After the Thread facelift procedure, you can wear make up at least after 24 hours.

If just after the treatment the patient is engaged in over rubbing, excessive facial movements, or contact sports then the threads may break loose. As soon as the incision heals, the threads may set in their places and minimize the risk of breakage. Over time, the threads do not move,decay or break.


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