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Melanocytes produce melanin, when damages may cause the loss of skin color and hence white patches. The individuals suffering from this type of skin issue can choose melanocyte transplantation to repair it. Under this method, the top layer of the white spots skin is removed and the pigments cells (melanocytes) from the healthy skin are transplanted there. It may take some time for the skin to heal and recoup with the color. But melanocytes gradually starts working to make pigment which deposit in the skin making the white spots disappear. The melanocytes transplant is highly successful.

There are many other options available at Renova Skin & laser clinic to treat white patches, but if the response to these treatments is poor. In such cases, Dr Puneet Goyal preferred this most advanced surgical melanocyte transplantation method to speed up the repigmentation of the spots.

So what you are waiting for, these options work better if they’re started the right way, rather than waiting to seek treatment. Book an appointment to get expert advice & treatment for white spots on the skin.

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