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At Renova Hair Clinic, hair specialist doctor in Jaipur works like miracle. Our best hair dermatologist Dr PuneetGoyal, MD determines the cause, patterns, and risk factors. Be it due to vitamin deficiency or an underlying medical condition, he can get a hold on it.

Hair loss is demoralizing. The condition is medically known as alopecia. There may be one or other reason for hair loss or thinning of hair both men and women suffer from. They need hair regrowth treatment to cure losing crowning glory. It’s no magic yet a quick hair loss treatment keeps more hair. Take the action now; take support of hair care specialists.

Below are the treatments available at Renova Skin & Hair Clinic, Jaipur.
1. Hair Transplant
2.PRP Hair Treatment
3. Low Level Laser Therapy
4. Mesotherapy Hair Treatment
5. Medical Treatment for Hair Loss

  • No of Sessions Required
  • Side Effects
  • Medicines Required

Question & Answer

Do not worry, you have near about 100000 hair follicles on your head and it’s normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day.

Hair thinning refers to the state of stress in you. It also refers to the change of lifestyle, sudden temperature change for body and the chemical rich products that you use for hair cleansing. Hair thinning should be checked with Dr.Puneet Goyal at Renova Clinic.

For hair loss treatment the best hospital to visit is Renova Hair Clinic. Dr.Puneet Goyal is a Hair specialist and can help you fight the hair loss. Depending on the individual, the doctor can recommend Hair Transplant, Mesotherapy, PRP Treatment, Low Level Laser Therapy and Medically.

Some of the common causes of Hair Loss are:
• Hormonal Changes
• Sudden Change of Stress Level
• Any Illness or Disease like Thyroid
• Nutritional Disorder
• Fungal Infection
For the best treatment to prevent the hair loss it is advised to visit Dr.Puneet Goyal, He is senior most hair specialist in Jaipur.

When you face hair loss you will see:
• Thinning of hair on the crown portion of head.
• Patchy baldness.
• Hair Loosening.
• Full Body hair loss.

Hair Styling does not cause hair loss. It is the overheating of hair strand that make them weak and eventually breakage. Temperature change may cause hair loss.

You can observe the pattern of hair loss that is when you see hair fall. One can have hair fall after wash or after waking up. Your hair loss can also be a result of some illness.
If this is not the case, you may consult Dr.Puneet Goyal of Renova Hair Clinic.

You can start hair restoration if the hair loss is sudden and more than usual. In case you have patchy hair loss then you should see our Hair specialist and start treatment.

Yes the hair loss patterns will be different but at times the cause of hair loss in men and women may be the same like aging, illness or disease, hormonal changes,etc. Male generally lose hair from the crown whereas female suffer with hair thinning largely.

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